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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Technical Consultancy

  • Enterprise Web Application Development

Many large organizations have inhouse software development team who develop software for the company. At times, they need to move on cutting-edge technology but don't knwo the risks and/or rewards. With our experience, we can make these shifts easy and can share our experience with the technologies. We cam guide them in the right way for success.

  • Usability and Accessibility

In today's world, nobody will use a website or software unless he/she likes it. Although it's easy for a development team to add features to a product, it's not easy to see how that affects the usability of the end product With our vast experience over the years, we can identiy these issues and can suggest improvements which can make a really great user experience.

  • Performance Evaluation and Improvement

Websites are mostly built with a business purpose in mind. It is not eash to evaluate the performance of a website unless you have the right tools and looking for the right KPIs. We can give you a hand in that area. With industry standard tools we can evaluate your current site's performance in many areas and can provide you with reports on how to improve. You can even hire our technical team to carry on the task.


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